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(Update2: Added many OCC, RCC & PCC. No secondary categories for the though.)
(Update1: Most of the skills are in, but I need to fix the secondary subcategory)
Welcome to the unofficial RIFTS® RPG searchable index and database. The database works much like a wiki, where anyone can add to and change the data. Just check the "Allow Editing" box, type in the cell and it updates like a spreadsheet. To add data First select the categories then enter, at minimum, a name, book and page number. Last, hit the Plus(+) button.
If you have a spreadsheet of data with book and page number please contact me. I will format it and upload it all at once instead of having you put it in one at a time. My G Mail is andrewbinning
You can discuss this site in the Megaverse Forum thread here.

RIFTS has a massive amount of data to play with. One the reasons I love the system is the sheer amount of material to peruse and glean ideas from. However it can be a severe pain in the butt to find specific information. Such as, in which book do I find the Fire Ball invocation, or where are the stats for the X-21 War Eagle Power Armor, or data on the Psi-Sword super psionic power?
So I put together this database to help index everything in a nice little searchable list. It isn't pretty, but it will help you find stuff. Here is the estimated progress on filling in the data.
Category ProgressItems in DB
OCC 80%
Races 50%
Bionics 1%
Magic 90%
Psionics 90%
Power Armor 60%
Robot Vehicles1%
Skills 90%
Weapons 1%
These are the major categories currently in the RIFTS® database. There are also many subcategories and I may add a couple more majors, such as Game Mechanics or Game Concepts.

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